Our continuing outreach to schools


As well as putting on fantastic shows and concerts, MYCO also has an outreach programme. This involves groups of members visiting local schools to do workshops, share our love of musical theatre and encourage others to get involved and explore musical theatre for themselves.

MYCO’s Outreach programme is in place not only to find and nurture potential new members, but also to share the love of the performing arts and to continue to grow our audience. Our goal in the workshops which we deliver to schools in the local area is to ensure that everybody enjoys themselves and that they could audition for MYCO if they wished. As of last year, we witnessed a large amount of positivity from the pupils we interacted with and from their teachers who made us aware of the huge impact we had on some of the students. The bar is set high for future projects so this academic year, our focus has been all about enlisting more company members to join the Outreach party and ensuring our future workshops are of an even higher standard than the previous ones. For this reason, we ran an Outreach Introduction session for the entire MYCO membership which gave everyone a clear idea of what exactly happens when we deliver a workshop in schools around Oxford and some of the challenges we may meet. We are hoping to have as many members involved in the summer workshops this year as it is an incredibly moving and rewarding experience for all. So far, the future is looking bright and it is exciting to see where we are heading next.

Jasper is one of our members who recently joined MYCO following such a workshop at his school. Have a listen to what he has to say about his experience.