At the audition you will be asked to sing a song from a musical (please bring the sheet music for our accompanist) and be prepared to speak a little about yourself.


Annual membership is £275 (reviewed annually). There are bursaries available for those who may need them.  Please feel free to contact us about this in the strictest confidence.


We rehearse every Wednesday from 7 – 9.30pm at Cherwell School* plus approximately three Sunday afternoon rehearsals in Islip in the months leading up to our main musical theatre production in Spring.

There are also Monday rehearsals 7 – 9.30pm at Marston United Reformed Church* for those with principal roles and solos.  In the month before a show or concert, the whole company is expected to be available both Monday and Wednesday evenings.

We expect our members to be available for rehearsals and to ensure that this is a priority for them.  Being in MYCO requires self-discipline and organisation, as it is necessary at times to juggle school and rehearsal commitments.

In addition to rehearsals we have an annual camping weekend* with workshops in key performance skills.  This event is great fun and a good way to bond.

* Please note that details are liable to change due to Covid- 19 restrictions. Updates will be posted here.


You must be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 years of age on 1st September. This means that some people may be 11 at the time of audition.


MYCO is a company and we encourage all our members to participate in all our activities including shows, concerts and annual workshops.

It is by working together and supporting each other that we are able to reach such high standards. We are proud of those members who go on to drama school and professional theatre work but we are equally proud of those who use the skills they have learnt in MYCO to achieve in other areas.


The application window for 2021 has now closed.

If you have already applied for this year’s intake you should have received confirmation of receipt of your application within 5 – 7 days. Everyone who submitted an application before the deadline will be invited to audition. Audition times will be communicated via email with the confirmation of your application.

Please email if you have any questions about the application process.

If you missed this year’s deadline, there will be another opportunity to join the company next year. Please watch this space!

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook.



When I first joined MYCO at the age of fourteen I honestly had no idea how much this amazing company would change my life. I came in knowing only one other person and in my first rehearsal I left feeling like I had gained a whole new group of wonderful friends. That’s just how it is at MYCO, you make friends for life and while you do become a confident, rounded performer. You are offered some amazing opportunities such as performing in professional theatres and working with extremely talented directors and choreographers to put on outstanding shows.

Before I became a part of MYCO I wasn’t the most confident young lad which is why this incredible company is so special, it helps you grow not only as a performer but as a person, it truly feels like a family that you grow up with. Regardless of whether you join when you are 12 or 18, your MYCO journey will be one to remember forever.

The remarkable thing about MYCO is that no matter how tough your week has been, no matter how stressed you are over your studies, MYCO is there to put you in a good mood. Even just thinking about seeing all my friends including the hard-working, dedicated committee on a Wednesday evening was enough to make me smile.


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