Code of Conduct

Membership Code of Conduct

The success of the Group is entirely down to the hard work and dedication of the Members. When you join MYCO you are making a commitment to attend rehearsals and all performances.

Rehearsals are usually held on a Wednesday. However, there are times when rehearsals are called on Monday evenings or Sunday afternoons/evenings. Major, principal roles, may be required to attend rehearsals twice a week on a regular basis once the show has been cast. At the beginning of each term a rehearsal schedule is provided to the cast.

Performances include the annual production during the Easter holiday and the 4 concerts. Two of the concerts are normally held at the beginning of July and two at the beginning of October.

There are a number of social activities designed to bring the cast together as a group that we expect you to attend as well. These include the camping weekend, Open Mic night and the MYCO’s.

The Code of Conduct is simple:

Please arrive on time and be prepared to start when asked. Wednesday and Monday rehearsals start promptly at 7pm, finishing usually by 9.30pm. For all other events you will be advised of the time you should arrive.

If you cannot attend rehearsals or a performance, please make sure that you inform us as soon as possible ( If you do not email this information prior to the start of the rehearsal, then your absence will be considered ‘unauthorised’. If, during the period up to the show, you miss more than 3 rehearsals for ‘unauthorised’ reasons, or 5 rehearsals for any reason, you may not be allowed to perform or may have your role (if you have one) given to someone else. If, during the period of the concert rehearsals, you do not give good notice of absence (where possible) and fail to attend the majority of rehearsals, you may not be able to perform in those numbers you have missed.

Dress code for attendance at Concerts, Shows or other public events must be adhered to. Failure to comply with the agreed dress code will mean that you will not be permitted to perform. You are advised of the dress code prior to the concerts/events.

You are not allowed to leave rehearsals or performances unless you have cleared this with a Committee Member. The Committee is responsible for your wellbeing during these periods and failure to abide by this rule invalidates any insurance claims you may have against the Society if anything happens to you.

There is a strict NO SMOKING rule at any MYCO activity.

For safety reasons NO chewing gum will be allowed during any rehearsal or performance.

The use of mobile phones or other devices is not permitted at rehearsal unless at the request of the Director or Musical Director.

You agree to follow all MYCO policies. This includes the disciplinary policy. Ignorance of the policies is not an acceptable excuse.

Annual fees must be paid by 1 July. New members who join in April are required to pay 1/3rd the annual subscription for the summer term, in addition to the full annual payment by 1 May.  If fees remain unpaid at time of auditions, you will not be able to audition.

MYCO Committee
February 2018